Use a Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank – Give the Change debit card to pay for your gas, drug store items and groceries. Give the Change securely links to your bank account. When you use it to pay, it then rounds up your total bill to the nearest dollar, routing 100% of the change to the Food Bank.

SD Food Bank Card - 2015 07 03 a-01

Give the Change is a painless way to give a little, at the times when you feel you can afford to make a difference. When you are buying food for your family, you can also help feed your San Diego neighbors who are less fortunate.

You help spread the word about the Food Bank with our logo in your purse or wallet. Give the Change can be used as an occasional alternative to your bank issued debit card wherever PIN debit is accepted.”

CLICK HERE to request a card or register the card you can pick one up at the Food Bank’s warehouse located at 9850 Distribution Avenue, San Diego, CA 92121 during regular business hours.