The Food 4 Kids Backpack Program provides weekend backpacks of food to elementary school students living in poverty who receive free meals at school during the week but face hunger at home over the weekend when free school meals are unavailable.

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Every Friday afternoon, students on the program are called out of class, often to the school nurse’s office, and discretely given a bag of food which is tucked into their backpacks.

Each bag contains enough food to see the students through the weekend, and the discreet distributions remove the stigma that might be attached to the program.


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What food items are included in the backpack?

Food items include peanut butter, beans and franks, ravioli or stew in pop-top cans, soup, fruit bars, cereal, tuna fish pouches, juice boxes, fruit cups, raisins, granola bars, shelf-stable milk and macaroni and cheese.

How much does it cost to feed a child for a year?

$200 = 1 school year (36 weekends)
$22 = 1 month (4 weekends)
$5.55 = 1 weekend

How many schools are currently enrolled in the program?

1,974 students at 41 San Diego County elementary schools are now currently enrolled in the program.

How much does it cost to fund one school for an entire school year?

It costs about $10,000 to provide backpacks of food to 50 students for 36 weekends at one local elementary school.