The Food Center is open Monday through Friday by appointment.

To Place an Order

This inventory list (below) is updated weekly. Please follow these instructions to place an order with the Food Center. Please note that this is not an order form.

 Download Inventory List

To place an order:

1. Print the inventory list or cut and paste into a word document.

2. Indicate on the form the quantity of each item you wish to order.

3. On the last page, please write your agency’s name, the shopper’s name, and the time and date that you will be picking up your order.

4. Submit your order via fax: 1-858-527-1457, or email one of the following people:

John Bode:

Nicky Riordan:

Carlos Hernandez:

Please note: The price per pound shown in the far right column is the Shared Maintenance Fee.