I’m not fond of statistics or “concepts.” 

Not when applied to serious issues like child hunger. Yet, people spend time debating solutions on how to fix hunger in San Diego County while children are going to bed hungry!

I want to tell them “hunger” is not a concept. It has a face and a name. Hunger is Jamie. Jamie can’t remember being full. Her hungry tummy keeps her awake. She thinks about food – a lot. But there’s not a lot of food at home.

There are 163,000 children like Jamie in San Diego County who routinely don’t get enough to eat.

You have the power today to feed these children and others in your community. You’ll ease their hunger and bring them hope for tomorrow.

Tragically, the number of people who rely on the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank is rising. We simply can’t meet this enormous challenge alone.

Can I count on your renewed support? Together we can solve hunger.

– $5 helps distribute enough food for 25 meals.
– $10 helps distribute enough food for 50 meals.
– $20 helps distribute enough food for 100 meals.

Thank you for understanding that “hunger in San Diego County” isn’t a concept. It’s a little boy or girl like Jamie who needs your love. 

For hungry children… hungry seniors… hungry families, I urge you to send your gift now.

Thank you,

James A. Floros, President & CEO

All donations made to the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank are tax deductible.
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