“My mommy doesn’t eat,” said a little girl at a recent Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank food distribution. Her mother was obviously embarrassed by her daughter’s innocent statement, but every mother there knew what the little girl meant. Her mommy doesn’t eat because there’s not enough food. She goes hungry so her children don’t have to.

Volunteers working that day were happy knowing that Mommy was definitely going to eat dinner along with her children that evening.

Every day, 494,000 people in San Diego County struggle with not having enough food, including working poor parents who face difficult choices between buying food and filling their gas tank, or buying food and paying the rent or utility bills.

Your donations help the Food Bank provide food so that families can afford to eat – together. In fact, every $10 you give distributes enough food for 50 meals.

This Mother’s Day, show mothers in our community how much you care and honor someone special in your life with a gift to the Food Bank.

James A. Floros, President & CEO

All donations made to the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank are tax deductible.
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