Nutrition Notes: Keep Kids Healthy and Happy This Summer!

With barbecues, beach days and festivals, summer can really put a kink in a person’s healthy eating habits and children are no exception. A family’s normal school year routine usually goes on vacation once the summer months are in session giving children a lot more free time. This extra free time can sometimes result in confusion between feelings of boredom and feelings of hunger and when that happens, kids may feel more compelled to reach for a bag of chips than going outside to play with their friends. However, there are ways for parents to help by making healthy eating a top priority for the whole family.

Kid-friendly snacks: Consider creating a designated shelf or drawer in your fridge for healthy snacks and ingredients that children can get on their own. Children enjoy creating their own things and healthy snacks can be one of the many summer time fun activities for them to take part in. There are many prepackaged snack options, but nutritious and easy to prepare options can be just as convenient to have on hand to meet everyone’s craving. Try a few of the ideas here!

Make a routine and stick with it: It is important to try and keep children on some sort of schedule when school’s out. Starting each day with a good and healthy breakfast is important, as it provides everyone with the fuel and energy they need in order to take on the day ahead.

Keep kids involved: Like tip number one, it is important to have several activity options available to your children during the summer months. According to research from the University of Michigan, children who watch more TV paired with inactivity develop a higher risk for becoming overweight. To combat inactivity, encourage kids to go outside and play. Also, be sure to set aside time to do things as a family whether you go for a hike together or play catch with a football.  Any activity that is fun and gets you moving is better than none! Need some more ideas? Click here!

The summer months offer so many fun activities and events that allow you and your family to have fun and stay active. Do you have any family time favorite activities or snacks? Share a picture or idea with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!