Anthony Schwarz

Board of Directors
Senior Vice President of Engineering | Qualcomm Technologies

Tony serves as Senior Vice President of Engineering for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s semiconductor business and largest division, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT). Qualcomm is a world leader in next-generation mobile technologies and QCT is the world’s largest provider of wireless chipsets and software solutions. In this role, tony oversees modem, connectivity and networking software development.

Tony joined Qualcomm in 1999. As an early member of QCT’s Software Engineering Group, Tony assumed the role of the software lead for many of the first handsets launched using 3G and advanced 3G mobile technologies, including the first dual mode handset launched in Europe and the launch of the first HSDPA and EDGE phones. Tony continued to serve as the lead project engineer for several of Qualcomm’s flagship products prior to assuming the role of vice president and overall UMTS software lead in 2006.

Tony has been a key driver in uniting Qualcomm’s software efforts and enhancing QCT’s software development processes and quality. Over the last few years, Tony assumed overall responsibility for all modem, connectivity and networking subsystem software for mobile, computing, consumer electronics and networking/infrastructure product lines. Tony oversees more than 5,000 engineers located primarily in the U.S., China and India, and his teams have played a major role in the launch of approximately 1,200 devices this past year.

Prior to Qualcomm, Tony worked for CommQuest Technologies, Inc. working on GSM software development.

Tony holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from San Diego State University.