Dale Ganzow

Board of Directors

Confero Partners

In March of 2020, Ganzow became President and CEO of the San Diego Employers Association where he had previously served as a board member for seven years.

He previously owned multiple corporate and leisure travel agencies in Silicon Valley, Carmel, CA and Dallas, TX. In addition, he worked in local and national sales positions with business journals and a national trade publisher. In October of 2019, he left his role as sales director for the San Diego Business Journal and went to work for National University as a director of workforce education solutions.

In addition to his strong interest in business, he strives to build long-term relationships and stronger communities through collaboration and philanthropy. He also serves on numerous nonprofit Boards. He is originally from the Midwest and his interests include reading, travel, and food. He attended the University of Wisconsin and currently lives in Carlsbad, CA with his wife and daughter.

Ganzow also serves as Chair on the North County Advisory Board.