Welcome Nonprofit Partners!

This page provides tools for our nonprofit agency partners to operate a successful food program.


Food to Nonprofits Tools

To place a food order for your agency or submit a monthly report on Primarius Web Window (PWW), click here!


General Tools

Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Logs

Sample Pantry Cleaning Schedule

Cheap military can-openers are sold by the Sportsman’s Guide (100 for $20 + shipping)

Purchase barrels to conduct your own food drive


Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) Tools

EFA-7 Participant Registration Form (English/Spanish)

Income Guidelines (English)

Income Guidelines (Spanish)

Alternate pick up form (English)

Alternate pick up form (Spanish)

EFAP forms in additional languages can be searched for on the CDSS website by language.

Product signs to help one-time volunteers understand and distribute “per bag” and “Per household” items. To be used with numbers distributed at registration.


  Civil Rights Training (with recorded voice)


Neighborhood Distribution Tools

Monthly Report (for participating Neighborhood Distribution sites only)

2016 Distribution Sites

City Heights Project Tools

Intake Form in English

Intake Form in Spanish

Intake Form in Vietnamese

Intake Form in Russian


For additional information or to request details on a specific topic, please contact the Nonprofit Services Team:

Martha Vargas | Nonprofit Services Manager | mvargas@sandiegofoodbank.org | 858-863-5132