Food Industry Donations


Due to a citrus quarantine currently in effect throughout Southern California, the Food Bank is unable to accept ANY donations of citrus fruits at this time. We will keep donors updated about this situation.

For questions, please contact Ben Price at


The Food Bank welcomes food donations from across the food industry. We receive food donations from manufacturers, produce growers and packers, distributors and wholesalers, grocery stores, and community food drives.

Foods We Accept

We accept food that is in its original packaging, unopened and within our food code date/extension guidelines. We accept whole, fresh produce without significant decay.


Foods We Do Not Accept:

  • Foods that were not kept at the appropriate temperatures
  • Canned goods that are open, punctured, bulging or seriously damaged
  • Home prepared, home canned or home jarred products
  • Items that contain alcohol or have alcohol in the product name


We Practice Food Safety Everyday

We take our responsibility to you and the people we serve very seriously. Donating food to our Food Bank isn’t only smart, it’s safe, too.

  • All of our drivers and warehouse staff are trained to handle food safely. They undergo yearly food-safety training.
  • Our trucks are refrigerated to keep food at safe temperatures.
  • We train all partner agencies how to safely prepare and handle food they receive from the Food Bank.
  • We evaluated our partner agency pantries and kitchens for their food-safety practices.
  • We are routinely inspected by the USDA and State and County Public Health Inspectors.


Worried About Liability?

There is no danger in donating food to the Food Bank that follows the guidelines above. The federal government has laws protecting donors from liability.



If you have questions about donating please contact Kimberly Castillo, Food Procurement Coordinator, at or 858-863-5133