Nutrition Notes: Summer Smoothie Season

With sunny skies and beach season in full swing, there is no better time than now to try out some new smoothie recipes! Smoothies can be a great and healthy kick-start to your day, especially after a long holiday weekend. Try incorporating a few of the tips below and you will be blending like a pro in no time!

1. Proper Procedure: Always add the ice last. This will prevent over blending, which can lead to a watery smoothie rather than smooth and frothy. The best order of procedure is: liquid, frozen fruit, add-ins (protein or fat), ice and add fresh fruit last.

2. Freeze Your Own: Next time you have a few overripe bananas or a bag of spinach that is about to spoil, save them for your next smoothie by throwing them in a freezer bag. Remember to peel and chop the banana before freezing for ease later on.

3. Make it Easy: By setting aside about 30 minutes once a week, you can prepare freezer ready smoothie packs for the remainder of the week. This technique provides an extra health punch to your week and it can also save you money because you will no longer have to spend $4 to $5 on your smoothie fix each day. Find some inspiration here Smoothie 101: A month of Smoothies in an Hour

4. Add Some Protein: Protein promotes satiety and can help prevent those mid-morning munchies at work. Try adding some nut butter or incorporate your favorite Greek Yogurt to help keep you full longer.

5. Sneak in those Veggies: Have you been trying to increase your vegetable consumption? Well, you are in luck because smoothies are a perfect place to hide some extra greens! If you are a beginner, try starting with a few handfuls of spinach. Spinach will provide the least amount of change to a smoothie’s overall flavor. Once you are feeling confident, try experimenting by incorporating kale, beets, cucumber, carrots, Swiss chard and more!

Need a little more inspiration or prefer to follow directions? Here are a couple basic recipes to help you out!

Summer Breeze Smoothie    Banana-Blueberry Smoothie

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